About Us

Books: Bob Marley: His Musical Legacy (Cassell Illustrated, 2010/11), Lee Perry: Kiss my Neck (Cherry Red, 2010).

CDS: Compiled over 20 CD’s of Lee Perry material and a similar number of CD’s of Bob Marley & The Wailers 1967 – 1972 Jamaican material. Complied JA Mento and the R’n’B played at Sounds in the 1950’s and also compiled projects on all-time Greats: Yabby You, Gregory Isaacs and Byron Lee. A big three whose differing views and goals are a glorious reflection on the scope and power of Jamaican Music. (www.traxonwax.net)

Advisor on Jeremy Marre’s ‘Rebel Music’ and researcher and contributor to assorted Bob Marley and Lee Perry TV and Radio programs

John Schofields ‘Lick It Back’ web filmhttp://www.johnschofieldfilms.com/Lick-It- Back – documents

Lick It Back’s participation in the ‘Say Watt?’ Exhibition, in Paris 2013 – at the Gaîté Lyrique.