Lick It Back Prints

The LICK IT BACK print Catalogue pays tributes to the greats and classic periods of Reggae:

Bob Marley: The Jamaican Bob Marley of the early 1970’s is celebrated in our unique design.

King Tubby: His role in Sound System history and Dub is celebrated in the LICK IT BACK design – built
around his original Bass bin, that’s part of our 1960’s Sound System.

Lee Perry: Over 80 and still going strong, LICK IT BACK’s unique print captures Scratch’s golden
period from the legendary and magnificent Black Ark.

Prince Buster: The recently deceased Prince of Ska – & God Father of Two-Tone – has left us with a wealth of music scattered over these great labels that could be found in Charles – or Orange – Streets in Downtown Kingston.

Jazz Jamaica celebrates the Silk screen sleeve that graced one of Coxsone Dodd first albums: and it’s
still in print some 55 years later.

Reggae is Tight: The Trojan glory days have left an indelible mark on the musical soul of the UK.

Calypso Carnival: A4: A high quality full colour re-print of an original 1950’s Silk Screen printed poster for Lord Power live at a US Military Base, during the ‘Calypso Craze.’ The image has never been published.

Back-a-Yard: 21cm x 21cm: Never previously seen 1969/70 photo of PAT KELLY & CARL ‘RAS’ Dawkins’ Back-a-yard. Printed from the original negative. Taken by a professional Jamaican photographer, the photo captures a rarely seen part of Kingston life. Ras Dawkins is wearing trousers that he got from Bob Marley, who bought them in Richmond’s Ivy Shop, during his first stay in London. Bob can be seen the same design of trousers in photos taken by this photographer.

Dub. A4: The Lick It Back tribute to the lasting gift of dub that Jamaica gave to the world: delivered in
the finest JA typography.

Comic Book Heroes: 21cm x 21cm: The Lick it Back tribute to the love of Comic Book heroes by certain JA record producers. Singles were a great canvas of expression for thousands of individuals in Jamaica.

Weed. 21cm x 21cm: 1970’s Reggae bought a much loved herb into mainstream UK culture. Chalices were blazing and Lick It Back was Redder than Red.

All prints on usual high quality 250gsm card and hand printed on a traditional ‘Letter Press’ press.

*A special A3 sized King Tubby print is available to special order only.

These limited and short run prints are available through:
Dub Vendor

Soul Jazz – for whom we have printed an EXCLUSIVE print celebrating Coxsone Dodd and his 1960’s output.

The prints are manufactured in the Slad ‘Cider with Rosie’ Valley, Stroud on vintage Letter Press machines.



Who’s in Your Ear?

A new departure from Lick It Back is a series of three prints that link music history and the current world. All prints are printed on quality card using the LETTER PRESS method – like the Lick It Back prints.

Pod Caste: 21cm x 21cm:  Art Deco meets 2017: stylish conformity.

Cotton Club: 21cm x 21cm: Appropriately printed in a traditional method, last week.

Say Wha? 21cm x 21cm: 1970’s style meets 2017 inna JA fashion.