Trax On Wax

Lee Perry

In Print
“Kiss Me Neck” is a musicography covering Perry’s entire output, filed with images of labels and period adverts & pics.

On Disc
I’ve complied some 10 original albums and over 160 single tracks, that cover Perry’s golden decade, onto CDs.

Lee Perry Radio 2 documentary for Unique Productions.

Bob Marley

In Print:
His Musical Legacy is a heavily illustrated history of Bob’s musical legacy from his first track, to the last. 

On Disc
I’ve complied over 250 tracks that Bob, Peter, Bunny & Rita recorded from 1967 to 1972. 

Bob Marley Radio 2 documentary for Unique Productions.
“You Can’t Take It With You” for BBC Bristol.
“Talking Head – Bob Marley”

1950’s Til Early 1960’S

These discs cover the ‘pre-Ska’ period of Jamaican sound System history. They comprise much US R’n’B from 78’s and locally recorded Jamaican Mento and R’n’B.


These discs capture some of the best Reggae from the classic 1970’s Roots music period, plus a tribute to the great Byron Lee who has his roots deep in Jamaican Sound System Culture.