Vintage Sounds

Choose from the 3 systems showed. All are powered by original Sound System valve amplifiers. All equipment kept serviced. Moving large Sounds around is not the cheap option!

V Rocket: Early 1950’s box with one full range Goodman Axiom speaker, driven by a 30 watt valve amp.

Tubby’s 1960’s set: King Tubby’s original 1958 bass in together with two period Mid boxes from Sir Harry and typical Tannoy Horns for tops. 200 watt valve amp on bass and valve amps on mids and tops. Vinyl played on a mounted pair of Garrard 4HF’s.

TIP-A-TONE: UK set from the mid / late 970’s. Six 18” Bass speakers in large cabinets, driven by two 10 KT 88 Sound Amps that deliver the bass. Quality valve amps on mid and tops, the mid boxes are from Lord Koos.